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The Nasalis Affair


Lee E Harding

SciWrite Environmental Sciences Ltd., 2339 Sumpter Drive, Coquitlam, British Columbia, CA
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Baron Friedrich van Wurmb (1781) is credited with the first description of the proboscis monkey, endemic to Borneo, which he named Cercopithecus [now Nasalis] larvatus. This was in a paper read to The Society of Batavia, modern day Jakarta, Indonesia, and later published in the Society’s Memoirs. But he was not the first.


TAPROBANICA. October, 2012. Vol. 04, No. 02: pp. 88-91

Keywords: Nasalis
How to Cite: Harding, L.E., 2012. The Nasalis Affair. TAPROBANICA: The Journal of Asian Biodiversity, 4(2), pp.88–91. DOI:
Published on 25 Dec 2012.
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